Metrix Consulting welcomes Susan Wall

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Wall to the position of Business Director. Susan comes to Metrix with nearly 20 years experience in research and marketing, having spent 14 years at Synovate (previously Market Equity) as a Senior Account Director and 5 years working in the health sector managing social marketing campaigns.

Susan is one of a handful of researchers in Perth who specialise solely in qualitative research. While there is no formal training for a career in qualitative research, Susan believes following her passions at University, without a particular end in mind, actually resulted in the perfect preparation for a career in qualitative research. “I went to UWA and studied for a double major Anthropology and Psychology with no idea where it would lead. I then did a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Promotions. All of this came together very well for a career in qualitative research – as it is widely acknowledged that Psychology and Anthropology are at the roots of qualitative research.”

Susan’s passion remains unwavering “I have a genuine passion for qualitative research and continue to be inspired by what makes people act the way they do and what this means for business decision making.”

Susan adds, “Over the years I have found what clients are seeking from qualitative research has become more complex. Fourteen years ago, when I first began working in research, I think we used qualitative techniques to largely determine the what and why. Today we are using research to determine how consumers think, this requires more detailed analysis of the way concepts and ideas are structured in consumers’ minds and mapping personality styles to different consumer motivations.”

The tool bag of a qualitative researcher has also changed over the years with technology introducing a number of online methods including, discussion groups, blogs/diaries, communities, observation and ethnography. “It is important not to use technology just for the sake of it, but there are certainly many respondents who are more comfortable opening up through these mediums and others who are far easier to reach with the assistance of technology. There are projects where using such techniques can add significant insight.”

Susan believes that as a qualitative researcher you have to look at where and how you are going to get the most insight on the “moment of truth” or the point in time when the actual decision you are looking to understand or influence is made. “In order to understand the moment of truth, I have done such things as go driving with respondents, catch buses with consumers, accompany couples engagement ring shopping and even trawled through respondents shoe cupboards.”

Susan loves the moment when she presents to clients revelations that will make a positive impact on their business and she is committed to employing the best techniques to achieve this.

Susan has worked across many sectors including social causes, health, luxury goods, government, education, finance, property, tourism, aged care, agriculture, entertainment, mining, human resources and more. Susan says “I know some researchers specialise in a particular sector but I believe experience in working across a range of sectors is beneficial for clients as often clients in different sectors have faced similar problems. For example I have done work for very different clients on what it means to be a member of their organisation rather than solely a customer, with each study we are certainly able to build on previous learnings about consumer motivations and drivers of customer loyalty.”

Susan was attracted to joining Metrix due to their impressive growth rate, the quality of the work, the client list and the skills and passion of the team. Susan adds “It is great to be working in a high energy environment at Metrix and to be back working in a West Australian based business.”

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