Prize Draw Winners – March 2017

Congratulations to each of the following people who have won a $100 Crown Voucher: Julieann D Merle S John G Szeyao L Kevin N Also, congratulations to Martin F (Perth) who has won a $100 online GiftPay card and Kate F (Perth) who has won a $1,000 Visa Gift Card. … [Read more...]

Winning at the Final Frontier

Developing Effective Shopper Marketing The store is our most important media channel The media landscape continues to be more fragmented, but the reach of the retail environment remains constant. Over 12 million people in Australia have shopped at a supermarket in the last 7 days ( That’s … [Read more...]

The High Stakes of Packaging: How to get it Right

Packaging is one of the most powerful (and somewhat underrated) marketing tools a brand has: it’s the key touch point in store, and as such has an audience reach potential far beyond that of any other communication channel. With that in mind, pack design decisions can lead to commercial disaster or significant gains. The well-known case of Tropicana’s 2009 pack re-design provides some clear … [Read more...]

Brand Tracking: From bastard, to golden child

For some, brand trackers have become the bastard child of market research. Two hour long presentations and never ending reports that show “brand awareness and consideration have remained broadly stable since last quarter” have resulted in a lack of stakeholder excitement about brand tracking outcomes, and a lack of enthusiasm from agencies that work on them. Despite these issues, brand tracking … [Read more...]

What’s Your Swoosh? Building Strong Brand Assets to Increase Marketing ROI

Brand Assets: What Are They? These are all examples of distinctive Brand Assets (full credit to the Ehrenberg Bass Institute, Byron Sharp and Jenni Romaniuk for introducing us to this thinking). Put simply, Brand Assets are design elements, outside of the brand name itself, that provide a mental shortcut for people to identify your brand. Brand Assets are most commonly visual, but they can be … [Read more...]