Blurred Lines: the changing face of physical retail

This year Australian's are expected to spend more than $46 billion over the Christmas period, $7 billion of which will be spent online. These impressive figures highlight the ever-increasing importance of 'online shopping' as a key area of growth for retailers. However, the notion of online shopping as being distinct from in-store shopping is false, as increasingly the line between internet-based … [Read more...]

Survey Prize Draw Winners : December 2015

Congratulations to each of the following people, who have won themselves a $500 Coles Myer Gift Card. Jessica N (Melbourne) Sazali J (Perth)   Also, congratulations to each of the following people, who have won themselves a $100 Coles Myer Gift Card. Melbourne Winners Giovanni W, Rebecca S, Warren C, Tamara C, Julie C, Eliza M, Lisa T, Barry M, Aaron M, Louisa … [Read more...]

Location, Location, Location.

How Geo-Triggered Mobile Surveys Bring You Closer To The Moment Of Truth Asher Hunter Managing Director Metrix Melbourne. Have you thought about how much time you spend on your mobile phone? Because, according to the App ‘Moment’ (which tracks phone usage), I spend about one and half hours a day on my phone and pick it up over 60 times a day. At first, this freaked me out a little! … [Read more...]

Discussion Forums: ‘Exploring the Decision to Purchase a Home’

Congratulations to the following participants who were each rated the best contributor in their discussion forum and have won a $200 pre-paid eftpos card!. Ana B Zack M Serena K Nakita H … [Read more...]

Move Out of Marketing Land

Avoid conducting research in "marketing land" One of the most insistent gripes about market research is that it lacks authenticity. The environment is so fake, the white walls and bad lighting are stark and unwelcoming, and so forth. Basically, the criticism boils down to the idea that consumers cannot possibly give authentic answers in such artificial circumstances--however, this line of … [Read more...]