Discussion Forums: ‘Exploring the Decision to Purchase a Home’

Congratulations to the following participants who were each rated the best contributor in their discussion forum and have won a $200 pre-paid eftpos card!. Ana B Zack M Serena K Nakita H … [Read more...]

Move Out of Marketing Land

Move out of Marketing Land - Headline Image

Avoid conducting research in "marketing land" One of the most insistent gripes about market research is that it lacks authenticity. The environment is so fake, the white walls and bad lighting are stark and unwelcoming, and so forth. Basically, the criticism boils down to the idea that consumers cannot possibly give authentic answers in such artificial circumstances--however, this line of … [Read more...]

Metrix Expands to the East Coast

Metrix - Marquis, Asher, Laura1

Metrix Expands to the East Coast Press Release: Tuesday 10th February Business intelligence and strategy firm Metrix Consulting has formalised its presence on the East Coast with the opening of a Melbourne office. This is another key milestone in the growth story of the 2014 BRW Fast 100 award winner. Expansion has always been on the radar for Metrix, and in the last 12 months there has … [Read more...]

Going Below the Surface


Going Below the Surface Delivering Successful Insight Driven Innovation Steve Jobs and Henry Ford are both well known for their skepticism about the use of market research. At a 1982 planning retreat, someone on the Mac team, "thought they should do some market research to see what customers wanted. ’No,' [Jobs] replied, 'because customers don't know what they want until we've shown … [Read more...]

Metrix Christmas Celebrations on Rottnest


Metrix Christmas Celebrations on Rottnest At the end of every year, the Metrix office shuts for the day to unwind and celebrate the team’s achievements throughout the year. It’s always a day to remember, and this year we enjoyed a day trip to Rottnest Island on a lovely boat. The team assembled bright and early at Hillarys Yacht Club, with enough food, drinks and supplies to last us a week, … [Read more...]