Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all personal information collected by Metrix Consulting. In this policy we explain how and why we collect the information, how we use it, and what controls you have over our use of it. Metrix is committed to complying with Commonwealth legislation governing privacy of personal information by businesses and safeguarding your privacy when you deal with us.

“Metrix” refers to Metrix Consulting Pty Ltd (ABN 87 140 615 756).

“HoneyPot” refers to the online quantitative data collection platform utilised by Metrix to interact with members of the general public.

“TheHive” refers to the online qualitative data collection platform utilised by Metrix to interact with members of the general public, all of which have provided their consent to participate in research-specific activities.

“Data Platform” refers to both HoneyPot and TheHive in aggregate.

“Corporate Privacy Policy” relates to the broader Metrix Privacy Policy, which is available online at

“Privacy Statement” refers to the content of this page combined with the Corporate Privacy Policy. Together these constitute the appropriate privacy policy for Metrix.

“VCCI” refers to Vision Critical Communications Incorporated, a partner of Metrix who will be providing all the technical infrastructure for HoneyPot. For more information on Vision Critical, you can visit its website –

“GroupQuality” refers to GQTool Pty Ltd (GroupQuality), a partner of Metrix who will be providing all the technical infrastructure for TheHive. For more information on GroupQuality, you can visit the link to its website –

This document outlines the effective Privacy Statement for Data Platform users. Contained within this document are the additional principles that users of the Data Platforms and Metrix (as proprietors of these Data Platforms) will be expected to adhere to at all times that currently fall outside of the Corporate Privacy Policy.

We assure you that we will never disclose individual personal information to our clients or any third party unless specified herein.

  • You will NEVER be asked to buy anything or contribute financially to any organisation.
  • We will NEVER sell or send your name (or e-mail address) to another party that might want to sell you anything.
  • Should you decide to discontinue participation in a particular study, we will respect your decision to do so (see below for more information on how to do this).

Through the Data Platforms, Metrix will collect information from the public only for the following purposes:

  • To conduct quantitative or qualitative marketing and social research.
  • To understand respondent opinions to establish suitability for further quantitative and qualitative marketing and social research.
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To award and publicise contest prizes, or provide other rewards that we agree with you.

In order for us to determine when opportunities are appropriate for you and your household, we may need to request additional personally identifiable information. When we request personally identifiable information, we will disclose what details are required and how your ability to participate in our services will be impacted if you choose not to provide such information.

From time to time, Metrix may provide clients or other third parties with information from the Data Platforms in aggregate form. In aggregate form it is impossible to identify an individual respondent’s personal information.

In order to improve your Data Platform experience we may use “cookies” or other technologies now or in the future to tailor our website to your interests based on the items you review while visiting the Data Platform. These technologies may also be used by us for other purposes related to your visit to the Data Platform or to improve our website or other relevant business offerings.

A cookie is a small string of text that a web site can send to your browser and that will be stored on your hard drive. Cookies were designed to assist in distinguishing a user’s browser from a previous visitor by saving and remembering any preferences that may have been set while browsing the particular site. You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies through your browser settings.

If you turn cookies off you may not be able to access our website or to have access to many of the features that make your web experience more efficient and some of our services may not function properly. If there is ever an occasion to expand the use of this technology, we will first ask for your complete consent to do so and explain the intended use of the information gathered.

As you enter the Data Platform you may be asked to provide your name, address e-mail address, date of birth, gender, occupation and other demographic information to assist us in understanding a little more about you.

From time to time, you may be asked to provide sensitive data. When we do so, we will explicitly ask for your consent to collect this data, and it will not be a necessary requirement for you to provide this information. Please note that this information will be used solely for research purposes, and will only be asked of participants when requested by either Metrix or clients of Metrix.

Should you choose not to provide this information, it is important to recognise that in such instances it may preclude you from contributing to any relevant discussions or projects on these subjects in the future.

Except as permitted by law, Metrix will only collect personal information from external sources, such as client organisations, if individuals have previously consented for such collection to take place.

Participation by respondents on the Data Platform is always voluntary. When a respondent agrees to participate in Data Platform activities, he/she gives consent to Metrix by participating. Generally, any personal information collected in the course of Data Platform activities is not disclosed to third parties other than the client sponsoring the project. In circumstances where Metrix does disclose information to a third party other than the client sponsoring the research project, Metrix always explains the reason for the disclosure to the respondent and obtains express permission from the respondent before making any such disclosure. A respondent is always free to choose whether or not to participate in Data Platform activities, free to choose not to answer any specific questions and free to discontinue participation at any time. In obtaining consent, Metrix shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that a respondent is advised of the identified purposes for which personal information will be used or disclosed. The identified purposes shall be stated in a manner that can be reasonably understood by the respondent.

Generally, Metrix shall seek consent to use and disclose personal information at the same time it collects the information. However, Metrix may seek consent to use and/or disclose personal information after it has been collected, but before it is used and/or disclosed for a new purpose. In determining the appropriate form of consent, Metrix shall take into account the sensitivity of the personal information and the reasonable expectations of its respondents.

The participation of a respondent in a quantitative or qualitative marketing or social research study may constitute implied consent for Metrix to collect, use and disclose personal information for these identified purposes.

In line with AMSRS guidelines, consent must be given from parents to capture any data through a Data Platform in the following situations:

  • For all children aged under the age of 14.
  • For all children aged 14-17, where information deemed to be sensitive is to be captured.

The way in which the opinions of children will be used will always be stated explicitly at the same time the question is asked and we will not require a child to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity.

Because you must be 18 years or older to be eligible for a prize draw, they are not an acceptable manner of incentivising children for their participation in research.

Through our relationship with VCCI and GroupQuality, Metrix looks to provide best practice with regards to data security.

We maintain the security of the personally identifiable information we hold about you. We store the personal details we hold about you for as long as needed for the purposes indicated in this policy.

We have in place appropriate security measures, including secure transfer technologies (SSL) as well as encryption methods, to protect the security and confidentiality of personal data whilst controlled by us. We will maintain and improve these measures over time in line with legal and technological developments. However, although we go to lengths to protect your personal data from unauthorized disclosure, you should be aware that electronic communications via the Internet are not always completely secure.

In principle, we will not share personally identifiable information about you with third parties. However, Metrix Consulting may send personally identifiable information about you to other companies or people when:

  • We have your consent to share the information.
  • We need to share this information to provide to you the information, product or service you have requested.
  • We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process or comply with the law.
  • We find or have strong reasons to believe that your actions on our website violate website terms or conditions or are in violation of law; in that case we may forward your information to the authorities or to third parties helping us prosecuting such alleged or shown violation.

Should you find inaccuracies in the information that we hold about you, we would encourage you to update your profile on the Data Platform. If you do not have access to the information that requires changing, please contact, and we will make corrections and amendments on your behalf. In the message, please make sure to note the data that has been stored inaccurately, and provide sufficient information to ensure that corrections can be made. We will make a sincere effort to respond in a timely manner to any request to correct inaccuracies in your personal information.

At any time you can deregister from the Data Platform, through the Data Platform portal or by sending an email to

We reserve the right to update and make changes to this notice. As we continue to modify the Data Platforms, our website and take advantage of developing technologies, this Privacy Statement will most likely change. Therefore, we encourage you to refer to this Privacy Statement on an ongoing basis.

For any questions, complaints, comments or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail at

Thank you – We appreciate and value your participation!