Tourism Tracker opens up a world of bigger, better data that can help you attract more visitors to your region

Tourism tracker provides detailed insights on visitor profiles and behaviours for a specific geographic area, providing a level of granularity not available to regional tourism organisations through the standard state-based visitor surveys or trends data. These insights can be used as a decision-making tool by tourism associations, accommodation providers, tour operators, food and beverage businesses, event managers, and local and state governments.


Tourism Tracker has been developed by connecting aggregated card transaction data from a major Australian bank with a geo-demographic segmentation model.

For a given region over a 12-month period, Tourism Tracker can measure:
  • How many people visited
  • Where they are from
  • Who they are (demographics and geo-demographic segments)
  • How long they stayed
  • How much money they spent
These insights can be used to:
  • Demonstrate the impact of tourism to key stakeholders
  • Communicate more effectively with your target audience through personalised messaging and media buying
  • Track the impact of tourism in your region (by subscribing to this product annually)
  • Track changes in your visitor profile (by subscribing to this product annually)

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