Simple and powerful segmentation

Very rarely does it make sense for a brand to target anyone and everyone in the market. There will always be certain groups more predisposed to what you have to offer, certain types of people who are more likely to be the decision makers, and certain prospects who will be more profitable for your business. In the absence of an unlimited marketing budget, even mass-market brands need to focus on certain target groups that will give them the greatest return on investment. This is why market segmentation should form the foundation of any successful marketing strategy.

Effective segmentation is simple, but powerful. A segmentation must work on two levels:


Typically, the need for market segmentation is not only driven by a desire to improve marketing efficiency, but also by a desire to grow revenue. Growth can only come from a limited number of sources.

Our philosophy is to focus on developing a roadmap for growth:

  • Define a specific market you wish to target.
  • Choose a specific customer behaviour(s) you wish to influence.
  • Analyse and segment the market in ways that are both predictive of customer behaviour AND actionable by the business.
  • Identify ‘leverage points’ where you can have the greatest opportunity to influence behaviour.
  • Develop simple and easy to understand outputs which articulate the growth strategy and can facilitate sales and marketing decisions on a day-to-day basis.
To achieve this, Metrix does not subscribe to a particular segmentation model or methodology. Instead we ‘start with the end in mind’ and build a custom solution to help you achieve the required outcomes.

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