COVID-19: Pulse of WA

COVID-19: Pulse of WA teaser

Date published 26 Apr 2022

What’s keeping WA awake at night?
Two years ago, Western Australians remained cautiously optimistic as COVID-19 forced sweeping changes. So, with WA now dealing with significant community transmission, what are they feeling now?

Metrix is again capturing important insights into the societal changes, partnering with ISO-accredited fieldwork agency Thinkfield to produce the fortnightly COVID-19 Pulse of WA report, a regular deep-dive into how the pandemic is impacting Western Aussies today.

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Cost of living is a bigger concern than COVID-19
In our latest research into what is keeping Western Australians up at night, the level of COVID concern is down from 86% at the start of the pandemic to just 62%, with the highest level of concern among the over-55s at 74%.

COVID remains an issue, but the cost of living now dominates concerns, with many worried about the cost of fuel (80%) and groceries (85%) in particular.

Combined with the arrival of COVID-19, our mood has changed
We’re experiencing more negative emotions than we did two years ago. When asked how they were feeling, 29% of West Aussies said they were frustrated, 27% were anxious and 25% worried. Overall, 80% of West Australians reported a negative emotion compared to 63% two years ago. On the flip side, 54% were feeling positive, down from 77%.

More time at home and more conservative spending
Since the community spread of COVID, West Aussies have also changed their behaviours, with 50% saying they are less likely to go out to eat, 50% less likely to visit public places and 32% less likely to spend on non-essential items.

Helping businesses navigate these times
So, what does this all mean for businesses and organisations trying to make smart marketing choices?
Two years ago, the research showed WA was busy adjusting to working remotely, taking business online and dealing with the disappointment of cancelled plans. There were dramatic changes as to how and where people spent their time and money.  

Now, with West Australians adjusting to life with Omicron in the community and cost of living pressures, the research indicates new drivers – both emotional and rational – are likely steering customer choice.  
Brands and businesses need to be mindful and respectful of the current challenges facing Western Australians. Whilst many are modifying behaviour and spending, there are also many who are relatively unchanged in their economic situation, spending and behaviours.

Communications need to be tailored with this in mind, with themes of support, escape, and joy applicable depending on the role you play in the life of your customers. Continuing to understand the customer and/or stakeholder perspective and being responsive and alert to customer needs will be vital to maintaining strong relationships and ensuring success in the coming months.

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