Enabling the Tourism Industry to invest where it counts

Enabling the Tourism Industry to invest where it counts teaser

Date published 06 Mar 2018

Enabling the Tourism Industry to invest where it counts

This month we launched Tourism Tracker, an insight-based data product that examines the demographics, psychographics and spending behaviour of Australian domestic tourists for any regional area in Australia.
Up to now, conducting primary research to understand visitor trends has been the main channel to obtain this type information.
Getting the right data to inform tourism-related decisions at a regional level can be extremely challenging. The large-scale visitor surveys that are regularly conducted don’t allow granular analysis for many regions due to small sample sizes. Collecting robust data in regional areas can also be costly.
That’s why we created the Metrix Tourism Tracker – to allow those involved in regional tourism to obtain robust and actionable insights that will drive more effective marketing. Tourism Tracker also reports on actual behaviour, helping to overcome memory bias from self-reporting.
In partnership with Data Republic, Tourism Tracker was developed using data from multiple sources including anonymous, aggregated transaction-level data from Westpac Banking Corporation. A geo-demographic segmentation model is then applied to provide rich visitor profiles including a visitor’s needs, motivations, consumer behaviour and media consumption.
These insights are applicable to all levels of government, regional tourism associations, operators and event managers. It can be used to drive more effective decisions related to communications development, media strategy, product development and pricing. Over time, it can also act as a mechanism to track the effectiveness of activities by reviewing key measures such as number of visitors, duration of stay and visitor expenditure.
According to Data Republic Chief Analytics Officer Steve Millward: “Metrix Tourism Tracker can help to drive growth for regional tourism in Australia, as it gives organisations and governments at a national, local and regional level a new way to gain detailed information on which to base investment decisions. Here at Data Republic, we’re passionate about using data to positively impact Australia’s economic bottom-line, and the Metrix Tourism Tracker is a prime example of the helpful data solutions being enabled through secure data sharing.”

Watch our Tourism Tracker video here, or get in touch to find out how Tourism Tracker can help deliver insights for your specific region.

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