Exploring Global Organic A2 Milk Production

Exploring Global Organic A2 Milk Production teaser

Date published 02 Mar 2021

Over the past decade A2 protein milk has revolutionised the global dairy industry.

Now A2 beta casein protein is transforming the infant milk market as a new generation of parents look for products that offer greater health and nutrition benefits.

But with the range of baby and toddler milk rapidly expanding, savvy consumers are looking for insight into the best choices for tiny tummies and growing bodies and minds.

Our ever-curious team here at Metrix has just done a deep dive into A2 protein milk and the emergence of rare A2 organic milk.

Gathering intelligence from peak industry organisations, producers and experts across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe we have examined:
  • Health trends driving consumer demands in the dairy market
  • The differences between A1+A2 and A2-only milk
  • What constitutes organic milk and why it commands a premium price
  • Why authentic A2 organic milk is causing such a buzz
  • The rarity of A2 organic milk
Want to know more? You’ll find a copy of our report here.

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