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Take 5 with Carol Lee-Chan

Take 5 with Carol Lee-Chan teaser

Date published 03 Sep 2020

Carol Lee-Chan, Account Manager at Metrix Consulting, was in the hotseat for our latest Take 5 interview.

I became a research expert because it fascinates me that raw data collected from a survey can then be collated and translated into an actionable business strategy. I enjoy being part of a team and help clients grow by looking at the real challenge through different angles and connect all the dots to address their research questions. It’s like I’m helping put pieces of the puzzle together.

The myth I’d like to dispel about market research is that it’s not just about conducting surveys on the streets and making cold-calling phone calls. There’s so much more to market research than people think. Not only are there so many different ways to gather information, but there’s also the analysis and modelling we do in order to provide our clients with really meaningful results and insights.

The aspects of research I enjoy the most are analysing raw data and using raw data for statistical modelling. I like converting the numbers into something that not only makes sense to the client, but that can also be turned into an effective business strategy.

My favourite food is anything spicy. I’m a foodie and I love eating. I’m from Hong Kong but I especially enjoy Malaysian food, which I discovered when I went on a trip to Malaysia and met my now husband. Instead of cooking traditional dishes from Hong Kong, I now cook a lot of Malaysian food. The spicier the better.

If I wasn’t a research expert, I’d be writing food blogs of course!

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