Take 5 with Paul Murray

Take 5 with Paul Murray  teaser

Date published 27 Jan 2021

We caught up with Paul Murray, Senior Business Director at Metrix Consulting, for our latest Take 5 interview.

I believe team leadership means enabling people to grow and develop. I agree with the person who said that leadership is about serving; it’s not about the leader or their ego. Sometimes leadership means giving positive feedback. At other times it means coaching someone through negative feedback or helping them develop in areas they can improve in. Leadership is helping navigate change.

The aspect of my job that I love the most is the problem-solving. It’s the intellectual stuff we do that I really love; helping clients with a conundrum or some sort of resource difficulty. Or helping them to understand their customers in the marketplace better. And of course I enjoy working with the people here at Metrix.

The thing people often don’t realise about market research is that it’s a science. It’s sad to say, but it has been cheapened in recent years by people who don’t really understand it or appreciate how to do it properly. It’s not “just a survey”.

On my desk you’ll usually find lots of paper! Sometimes you’ll also find some homemade bread amongst the paperwork.

Recently I’ve been learning some electric guitar solos on my son’s new guitar, which is fun. Some old-school Metallica has been attempted; attempted being the key word here.

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