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Take 5 with Tony Truong

Take 5 with Tony Truong  teaser

Date published 06 Aug 2020

Tony Truong, Senior Business Analyst at Metrix Consulting (Melbourne), provided the answers in our latest Take 5 interview.

I love data because it helps me make sense of the people and things around me. I like to understand why people do things the way they do, and data is the easiest way for me to make sense of that decision-making. 
My favourite project to date focused on the trial of a new gaming machine. We observed people trying out the latest equipment and watching them as they experienced it for the first time. We could instantly see what their on-the-spot responses and reactions were, and were able to present our client with real-time feedback. The research involved a variety of audiences including those who had never engaged with the category before. 
The best piece of advice I've received came from my grandma, who told me to “Never shy away from hard work.” I like the grit and tenacity of that saying.
I think my colleagues would describe me as easy to talk to, approachable, and easy to work with. At least that’s what I hope they’d say!
When I’m not at work you’ll usually find me either at the gym or at home watching people play games on Twitch. It's similar to YouTube, but instead of random videos, it's videos of people playing online at a competitive level.

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