Video diaries: Shaping customer-led change

Video diaries: Shaping customer-led change  teaser

Date published 16 Feb 2021

By Linda Tagni, Senior Business Director, Metrix Consulting Perth

It seems most people are comfortable in front of the camera these days.

From YouTube and Instagram, to Facebook and Snapchat, people all over the world are happy to film tips and tricks, and share complaints, concerns, praise and applause.

And in current times with the prospect of another lock down always just around the corner, asking people to capture footage of themselves or their family can be a great way to get up close and personal, without actually having to meet them.

At Metrix we’ve been tapping into the trend and using video diaries for clients who want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Given today’s focus on the customer-led experience, video diaries have two major benefits:
  • They can deliver real-time, on-the spot insights into the customer experience.
  • They can be turned into snappy, bite-sized presentations easily communicated to a wide audience, from CEOs and key decision makers, to those out in the field, such as frontline staff and volunteers.
While video certainly isn’t new, it’s a powerful tool when used as part of a wider research project. It can be especially invaluable in bringing the customer experience to life.

Thanks to smart phones and the fact that so many people are comfortable filming themselves for social media, finding suitable participants has never been easier. And no longer do we need to follow people around with clunky cameras and a microphone to get their on-the-spot thoughts and feelings.

Here’s a great example.

As part of a research project for the West Australian Football League (WAFL) Metrix recruited people to video themselves heading to the game, asking them to answer specific questions about their experience on match day.

The video diaries were just one component of the research we undertook for the WAFL, but they brought to life some important insights about different segments of spectators and fans.

While our team analysed all the research to identify the key product and marketing opportunities to drive WAFL attendance, our in-house videographer edited the raw footage from the video diaries. He created a user-friendly video presentation that highlighted the highs and lows of the footy fans’ journey.

This engaging video not only became part of our presentation to the client, but it also put our key findings into a format that could be easily shared across their organisation.

With today’s growing emphasis on customer-led change, Metrix continues to explore innovative ways to capture customer feedback and deliver actionable recommendations to its clients. The use of edited video footage, whether it’s of people in their home or out and about, has proven to be an effective way for clients to engage with the research learnings and make informed business decisions about how to optimise their customers’ experience.

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