Our Products

In addition to our bespoke consulting services, we have developed a range of ready-to-use insights products to provide marketers with new ways to drive effective marketing decisions.

These products have been designed to achieve one or more of the following:
  • Uncover new insights that were not previously possible via primary research.
  • Make insights more reliable and robust.
  • Make insights more affordable through standardised methodologies and automation.

Big Data

While the potential power of big data is generally well understood, many marketers have limited access to this kind of data, and those that do often struggle to turn it into a meaningful decision-making tool. Our innovative big data products make it easy and affordable for organisations of all sizes, from a range of industries, to leverage big data as a tool for driving more effective branding and communications.

We access third-party aggregate data (to ensure privacy) from sources such as a leading Australian bank, independent supermarkets, and websites from a range of industry leaders, via a secure data exchange platform. We then apply our data science and analytics expertise to transform this raw data into a dynamic and meaningful source of insight for businesses and brands.

Metrix Tourism Tracker

Tourism tracker provides detailed insights on visitor profiles and behaviours for a specific geographic area. These insights can be used as a decision-making tool by tourism associations, accommodation providers, tour operators, food and beverage businesses, event managers, and local and state governments.


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