Our Products

In addition to our bespoke consulting services, we have developed a range of ready-to-use insights products to provide marketers with new ways to drive effective marketing decisions.

These products have been designed to achieve one or more of the following:
  • Uncover new insights that were not previously possible via primary research.
  • Make insights more reliable and robust.
  • Make insights more affordable through standardised methodologies and automation.

Turn-Key Research Products

Our turn-key products deliver actionable insights faster and cheaper, via a simplified and streamlined approach to brand and communications research. The latest evidence-based marketing and decision-making science underpins both the research process (e.g. mimicking real-world situations), and our measurement models.


Big Data Products

Our big data products are innovative and automated solutions designed to meet common insight needs. These products make it easy and affordable for organisations of all sizes, from a range of industries, to leverage big data as a tool for driving more effective branding and communications.


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