Optimising communications along the student journey

The Challenge

An education provider wanted to understand how to enhance the student experience to influence acquisition and retention of high performers. There was a need to create a map of the student journey that could be used to align the different, somewhat siloed, areas of the organisation, and to ensure decision making was focused around core student needs.

Multi-lens Approach

An audit of existing research combined with an internal stakeholder workshop led to the development of an initial view of the student journey. This was then validated through several workshops involving students from a range of age groups, to understand the critical moments that define the student lifecycle and identify opportunities to better engage during these moments. 

The research shed new light on critical moments previously overlooked by the organisation and provided insight into core information needs and preferred communications channels. 


The framework that was developed from the research findings was designed to be flexible enough to be adopted across the entire organisation by stakeholders of all levels (e.g. marketing, exec, teaching etc.). At the simple click-of-a-button, stakeholders could quickly identify key communication channels and messaging to drive student engagement for their own commercial objectives.

As a result, the organisation has been able to prioritise improvements and design effective long-term communications strategies, leading to improved prospect and student engagement and stronger overall business performance.

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