• why metrix

    Information alone is passive. It has no life. It’s the clay before the potter’s wheel, the nectar before the hive. The ability to do something useful with information is power. Framing the right question before asking it. Venturing beyond traditional research. Knowing where the conversation is being held and being there to watch, listen and participate. [Read more...]
  • who does it

    Meet the bees that work to turn your nectar into honey. They each have a strong track record of making a real difference to businesses both across Australia and around the world. [Read more...]
  • what we do

    We all need bees whether we know it or not. Our forte is to provide customised marketing intelligence and support to keep you supplied with an abundance of honey. [Read more...]
  • how we do it

    We take all the information needed, from all the different sources, to create a tangible and useful outcome. We don’t just deliver insights; we deliver clear and concise strategies with the roadmap of how to implement these in your business.
    [Read more...]

At Metrix we believe in the power of information to inspire. Information is our raw material–our nectar. What makes us unique is the way we investigate, interrogate, poke, prod and finally transform this nectar into something of true value... honey. Go on in and find out more.

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