In today’s world, marketing effectiveness is a game of seconds. Whether instore, online, or out and about, the moment a brand has to connect with a consumer is fleeting.

Research suggests that 90% of decision making involves a subconscious process. With these tight, new goal posts in play, how are marketers supposed to confidently predict effectiveness of their marketing? 

The answer is biometrics – An evidence-based market research tool that connects conscious and sub-conscious decision making to reveal a frame-by-frame view of what people think and feel. When used in combination with traditional research methodologies, it decodes the deepest possible understanding of human behaviour and allows us to predict the success of marketing assets with unprecedented accuracy. 
Biometrics opens the door to a new era of effectiveness and helps answer every marketer’s burning question 'Are my marketing dollars working as hard as they could?' 

What is biometrics? 

A branch of neuromarketing that employs various technologies and applications to better understand participants’ cognitive and emotional reactions. It studies physiological reactions towards a product, marketing asset and/or brand to gain insight into customers’ motivations, preferences, and decisions.  

When used in conjunction with conventional forms of market research, it provides a deeper, more accurate understanding of what people are thinking and feeling moment by moment. 

What can biometrics be used for?  

  • UX testing 
  • Creative evaluation  
  • Packaging design 
  • Brand tracking
  • Packaging design 
  • Event design and experience 
  • Retail design and experience 

How does biometrics work? 

With wearable devices, consumers’ cognitive, attitudinal, affective, and behavioural responses are tracked in real time. It’s a complementary tool to traditional market research methods, adding graduality to the insights by providing reliable and objective information about what consumers think and feel when they interact with marketing collateral in a second-by-second manner.  

To compliment and address the shortcomings of self-reported methodology, biometric tools can be employed to better understand consumers’ subconscious responses.  

Our market leading biometrics lab offers multimodal neuro-measurement including eye tracking, pupillometry, facial expression, cardia activity, skin conductance and brainwave analysis. The integration of these measures can provide: 

  • A more objective measure of consumer reactions, especially affective reactions. 
  • Taps into responses that the consumer may not recall or remember (e.g. what did they pay attention to). 
  • Examines fleeting and unconscious responses such as emotional experience. 
  • Real-time, second-by-second, or element-by-element assessment of consumer responses toward market assets and touchpoints (e.g. what is the emotional experience when consumers focused at an ad execution or an element of the marketing asset).   



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