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Developing relevant value propositions in a changing environment

The Challenge

A business membership organisation identified the need to review its membership packages to respond to a changing marketplace and drive retention and acquisition. While a significant amount of market analysis and internal engagement had already been conducted, it was lacking the most important view to identify innovation opportunities – the customer. 

Multi-lens Approach

We conducted a series of interviews and workshops with the target audience using design thinking principles. This information was synthesised with the market analysis and internal engagement work previously conducted. The research provided clear guidance regarding how to optimise the membership package value propositions for current and prospective members.

We then collaborated with the client to socialise our insights within the organisation and to understand the feasibility of our recommended innovation and communication strategies. We also helped to ‘sell in’ the change to the Executive Team and Board of Directors. Tools were customised for each touchpoint, and a series of illustrations were used to bring the future vision to life.


The recommended approach was endorsed by the Executive and the Board. Within a week, the client had commenced structural changes to enable delivery of the new vision. The membership packages were optimised, as was the associated communications platform.

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