Corporate & Growth Strategy

Corporate Strategy

We deliver tailored strategies that help you define and reach your goals.  As an independent consultancy, our focus is on understanding your organisation and your market and working collaboratively with you to develop a roadmap for success.

At its core, corporate strategy is about identifying and capitalising on opportunities, and understanding and mitigating risks. This is the only way to create value for the business and for shareholders. When developing a corporate strategy we always begin with the organisation’s purpose – why the business exists and who it exists for. From there we work with you to set goals and a long-term vision, and formulate a plan for how to realise this vision.

Organic growth strategy

One way to reach your corporate objectives may be through organic growth – growing by extending from your existing core competencies. Through our strategic planning process we can help you to identify and pursue the most fruitful opportunities for growth.

Portfolio strategy (inorganic growth)

Portfolio management is all about allocating capital in a way that will deliver the greatest return for the business as a whole. This is an area where companies often fall down because they haven’t objectively assessed all the different opportunities and threats facing them. We can work with you to ensure you are investing your resources in the most attractive opportunities. This includes merger, acquisition and divestment opportunities.

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New product development & innovation

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Value proposition design

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Marketing strategy & planning

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Data analytics & strategy

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