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With heightened competition and technological disruption affecting almost every sector in the past decade, organisations need to innovate to either thrive or survive. But it can be difficult to know where to start.

One of the challenges with a lot of innovation processes is that the end outcomes are not practical and are therefore not actionable. At the heart of every innovation – whether it relates to a new product, a new process or a new business model – is an idea. For an idea to be successful it needs to be grounded in insight and aligned with overarching business strategies.

At Metrix, our approach to innovation starts with intelligence. You need the right inputs to get the right outputs. We know how to utilise creative techniques to get the insights about the market, customers and competition that will set the foundation for success. We then translate these insights into actionable innovation strategies, grounded in a solid understanding of your business. Finally, we can partner with you to help with the implementation of these strategies, working as an extension of your internal team.

We offer a range of services related to innovation and new product development:

Innovation research

Both market and customer insights should play an important role in helping to shape new products and innovations. The challenge is to look beyond the data and find the trends to identify not only what is relevant now, but also what is going to drive success in the future. Through creative qualitative and quantitative research techniques we can work with you to uncover the insights that inspire new ideas.

Design thinking

We apply design thinking techniques for creative problem solving. This starts by understanding the current state and correctly defining the problem. In almost all instances this requires a deep understanding of customer/end user needs – often referred to as ‘human-centred design’. Then, comes the ideation stage where future possibilities are explored. Next, all ideas need to be assessed against business strategies and realities to ensure future success. Finally, the ideas need to be prioritised, tested and optimised to help minimise risk and maximise return.

Business model innovation

We can work with you to define your value proposition and consider how you can align people, processes and technology (i.e. your business model) to execute against this proposition.

New product and concept testing

In innovation the term ‘fail fast’ is widely used. You don’t want to spend time investing in an idea that isn’t going to get off the ground. Testing product ideas or new business concepts can help to identify likely successes and failures as early as possible. We can help you test innovations with your internal stakeholders and with the end user.

Innovation strategy

Coming up with ideas is one thing, but having a detailed roadmap to ensure you have the right ideas that can be implemented in a way that will deliver against your business goals requires a slightly different approach. We can work with you to develop an innovation strategy that gives your organisation the confidence to invest resources in any new products or concepts.

Talk to us today about how we can help you leverage innovation to drive greater success for your business.

Related services we offer include

Workshop facilitation

We design innovation workshops to create the highest possible levels of engagement and achieve the desired outcomes, with stakeholders of all levels.

Corporate & growth strategy

We can help you to identify and capitalise on opportunities, and understand and mitigate risks. Read more.

Market research

We can help you gain a better understanding of your audience needs through qualitative and/or quantitative research. Read more.

Marketing strategy & planning

We can work with you to determine ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’, to help guide your marketing investment. Read more.

Market analysis

Whether you are an established player in a mature market or a new brand in an emerging market, we can ensure you have the right data about your market to inform strategic decision making. Read more.

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