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Market research that inspires action

Marketing intelligence has the power to deliver significant strategic advantage, but only if it is collected and presented in the right way. We leverage insights in a way that gives marketers the full picture, not just fragments of it. Insights that inspire more effective marketing decisions. We recognise patterns and relationships in the data and turn these into actionable insights. This is important because unless insight inspires action, then it has no value.

We inspire action through both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

We employ the full range of tools and techniques you would expect – such as surveys, observation, focus groups, in-depth interviews, online discussion forums and ethnographic techniques. However, we ensure that we deliver superior insights by:

1) Designing a bespoke research methodology 
Every research engagement is different. Sometimes qualitative research is required, sometimes you need a quantitative approach, and often a mixed-methodology is required to get the right mix and depth of insight. We don’t work with pre-existing templates or preconceptions about what the solution should be. We work with you to unpack your overarching business objectives and the specific research objectives related to these, and we then design our approach around your needs to ensure the objectives are met.

2) Getting the right sample composition 
It sounds obvious, but isn’t always as easy as it sounds. When screening research participants, if one or two key factors are overlooked it can make the difference between having actionable insights relevant to your target audience and having useless information. We take the time upfront to determine exactly who we should be talking to before we even start designing the questions we will ask.

3) Best practice approach to designing the questionnaire and discussion guide
We understand that every topic and every sample requires a slightly different approach to questioning. From designing discussion guides that allow us to uncover powerful insights about personally sensitive topics, such as health, through to questionnaires designed to be easily understood by nationally representative samples of over 5,000 respondents, we bring our extensive experience in questionnaire and discussion guide design to every project.

4) Leveraging creative and projective questioning techniques 
To get the right answers you need to ask the right questions. Sometimes direct questions work, but often people can’t articulate underlying emotions and motivations. We employ a range of questioning techniques and activities to go beyond the surface and uncover the less obvious insights that can unlock new opportunities for your brand and your business.

5) Developing outputs with impact 
With an in-house designer, we design all research outputs to be visually engaging and ensure the data tells a story. We leverage tools and techniques such as marketing dashboards, infographics, heat mapping and illustrations to bring the research findings to life for you and your stakeholders.

6) Inspiring strategy and action
Unless the insights gathered help to inform your next major decision, or direct your next strategy, then they have no value. Our diverse team is comprised of technical research specialists, marketing specialists and strategic planners. We understand how insights are applied within a business and develop project outputs that can be easily understood and immediately put to use by all relevant stakeholders.

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