Pricing Strategy

Pricing for greater profitability

Pricing is arguably the most important lever you can pull to increase profitability. If done well it can significantly boost your margin, but if done poorly you will either end up leaving money on the table or you simply won’t achieve the demand required.

You need to make sure you set the right price for the right people at the right time, and that is where a pricing strategy can help.

A lot of organisations set price based on a ‘bottom-up’ approach – i.e. establish costs and then add a margin that is deemed appropriate. Many also consider the competitive context – i.e. pricing in line with industry or category norms. While both methods can certainly inform how to price, they don’t tell you the best way to price – i.e. the approach that will deliver the optimal balance between demand and profit.

We can help your business become more profitable through a pricing strategy, whether you are in B2C or B2B.

We can you help with:
  • Gaining a clearer view of actual costs associated with the production and/or delivery of your product or service, to understand what pricing structures are required to ensure profitability.
  • Analysing historical sales data to gain insights into the relationship between pricing and demand, either in one or multiple markets.
  • Assessing the true value being offered by your product or service and the corresponding willingness to pay among potential buyers.
  • Evaluating the market and competitive dynamics that may influence how you approach pricing.
  • Developing a predictive model to determine how changes in pricing might influence demand and profitability.
Through these services we can identify ways to optimise how you set and deliver prices to the market and deliver an integrated pricing strategy for your business.

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