Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping the customer journey

To be truly customer-centric, you need to understand every customer interaction from their perspective. You need to have a clear picture of the different moments and touchpoints where people connect with your organisation, so that you can pin-point where to focus investment – i.e. the key moments that will have the biggest influence on converting to purchase.

Through a customer journey map we can help you paint this picture by visualising the various touchpoints a customer might have with your brand, your products and services, and your people. The map outlines the journey (or sometimes multiple journeys) from prospect, to initial contact, through to ongoing relationship and possibly even the point of churn.


Along with mapping out the different stages, a customer journey map identifies the different barriers and pain points, information needs and motivations at each stage. It can help you to identify gaps between the actual customer journey and the ideal customer journey, to inform the development of a customer experience strategy.

Sometimes we map the customer experience alongside your internal operations and processes, to identify strengths and weaknesses. This helps to highlight the quick wins that will deliver positive outcomes for your business, as well the longer-term strategic initiatives required to reach the ideal state.

Importantly, the customer journey map needs to be visually impactful and easy to understand and apply by all relevant stakeholders. Our in-house designer can bring the final journey map to life in a user-friendly infographic that brings customer needs to the fore and acts as a powerful decision-making tool for your business.

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