Why Metrix

Our Belief

Business today is tougher than it’s ever been. Faced with an explosion of information, increased competitive forces, social change, a fragmentation of marketing channels and industry disruption, the real challenge is how to connect all the dots.

Business leaders have always needed insights they can act upon, but today more than ever we seem to focus only on what is in front of us. Information alone is passive. Unless you make sense of it.

Just as bees collect nectar and process it to make honey, we gather intelligence and transform it into powerful insight and strategy that leads to action. We do this by looking at the problem from all angles, and connecting all the dots.

This is the only way you can get the full picture. And with the full picture, you can make truly informed decisions that get results.


Our Core Principles


Misunderstanding often comes from tunnel vision. Effective strategy only comes from looking at a problem from all angles, and then connecting the dots. We take a multi-lens approach so that we can synthesise all data sources.

At Metrix, we are ‘insight connectors’. We uniquely focus on how to connect insights across all data sources, across the whole of the business and, where relevant, along the customer journey.

Connection leads to clarity.
Clarity leads to salient ideas.
Salient ideas lead to more effective business strategy, brand equity and marketing.

Our Values

Metrix is a values-driven organisation. Our values shape how we stay relevant to our clients.

We’re Commercial

We’re outcomes-driven; we have a passion for effectiveness; we love helping marketers gain stronger ROI

We’re Curious

We’re scientific; we ask “why” and “why not?”; we go above and beyond to unify data

We’re Courageous

We’re committed; we challenge; we provoke fresh thinking; we’re accountable

We’re Connected

We understand the power of partnership; we bring things together; we engage; we synthesise


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