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Building a successful brand

Your logo is not your brand. Your advertising is not your brand. Your brand is all this and more. Put simply, your brand is the sum of everything that everyone thinks and feels about your product / service / organisation, as a result of everything you do and say. Building a successful brand takes time and it doesn’t happen by chance. It requires a concerted, strategic effort and a solid foundation in the form of a brand strategy.


A brand strategy (also known as a brand definition, brand DNA or brand blueprint) paints a comprehensive picture of a brand, what it is all about and why it exists. It articulates a brand’s goals, beliefs, personality and purpose in a way that can guide all future brand-related decisions.

While every engagement is different, a brand strategy typically encompasses:
  • Brand purpose/essence – the reason why your brand exists in the first place
  • Brand mission and vision – what you strive to achieve and your ideal future position
  • Brand attributes/values – the quality and character of your brand…a description of your brand’s distinct personality
  • Brand story – a narrative about where the brand has been, where it is going and its unique point of view.
All brands, big and small, can benefit from a clear and concise brand definition. However, it is particularly helpful for brands that need to create greater internal alignment, brands that work with multiple marketing partners (e.g. creative agency, digital agency etc.) and/or brands that are planning to develop a new or updated brand logo or visual identity.

A documented brand strategy helps to align all stakeholders who are in some way connected to a brand. This includes internal managers and marketers, as well as external partners. It also provides a strong foundation for decision making. This ensures that all efforts, no matter how big or small, are working together to strategically grow the value of your brand.

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