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Big data presents a big opportunity

In today’s world there is no shortage of data. The real challenge is how to transform the available data into a powerful decision-making tool. We can help you navigate the big data available to you – whether that be your own organisational data or third-party data – and leverage it to your advantage.

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  • Data Audits

    Conducting a review of 1st party data (e.g. CRM, transactional databases) to understand the data that can be utilised to create value for your business, identify key data gaps that need to be filled, and create an analytics vision for the future.
  • Data Acquisition

    Acquiring relevant 3rd party data (e.g. bank transaction data, digital behaviours, geo-demographic segmentation) and connecting it to a 1st party data set for insight generation and/or database enrichment.
  • Data Mining

    Taking one or more large data sources and applying a range of statistical techniques to determine patterns and relationships that have a direct impact on marketing or business performance.
  • Predictive Modelling

    Analysing available data to identify the best predictors of a specific behaviour that can be targeted for growth.
  • Data Strategy

    Developing a roadmap that ensures the data captured and held within your business is leveraged as a valuable asset that can help deliver against your objectives.
  • Text Analytics

    Taking unstructured text and converting it into statistical data, so it can be used to find patterns and trends that can drive marketing decision making.
  • Social Media Analytics

    Monitoring and obtaining data from social media channels and converting it into statistical data to determine the magnitude of feelings towards your brand, so you can manage your reputation effectively in the online space.

Metrix Tourism Tracker – attract more visitors to your region

Large-scale visitor surveys are commonly used in the tourism industry to understand national or state-based visitor trends and information. Unfortunately, for some regions, small sample sizes can make it difficult to use the data from these surveys to conduct granular analysis. Tourism Tracker was designed to address this issue, by providing detailed insights on visitor profiles and behaviours for any given geographic area in Australia. These insights can be used as a decision-making tool by tourism associations, accommodation providers, tour operators, food and beverage businesses, event managers, and local and state governments.

Find out more about Tourism Tracker and watch our video here.

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