Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Leveraging customer experience for competitive advantage

In recent years, businesses have been placing greater emphasis not only on getting customers ‘in the door’, but also optimising the experience they have once a relationship is established. Customer experience (CX) presents an opportunity for differentiation, it can drive loyalty, increase value per customer, and can encourage referral so that your existing customers become your most powerful marketing tool.

Whether you’re in B2B, B2C, commercial enterprise, not-for-profit, or even government, the experience you deliver can either generate significant advantage or act as an Achilles heel for your organisation.

Mapping the customer experience

We can help you map the current customer experience and design the ideal customer experience, with a strategic roadmap for how to get there.

This process typically involves:

  • Customer journey mapping – Visualising every customer interaction from their perspective. From prospect to initial contact, through to ongoing relationship and point of churn.
  • Stakeholder engagement and mapping – Understanding current attitudes and behaviours among all relevant stakeholders (both frontline staff and those behind the scenes) and how the different stakeholder groups interact to deliver the overall experience.
  • Process and systems mapping – Evaluating the systems and processes that contribute to and deliver the customer experience.
In developing the customer experience strategy, we conduct a gap analysis regarding how well the needs and wants of customers are currently being met, we identify opportunities to optimise the experience to deliver strategic advantage, we help you to prioritise which initiatives to focus on in the short vs. long-term, and we provide a framework regarding the capabilities (people, processes etc.) required to deliver.

Talk to us today about how delivering a better experience can help you to get ahead.

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Customer journey mapping

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Workshop facilitation

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Strategic planning

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Data analytics & strategy

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