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We have a team of extraordinary people, united by our fascination for understanding human behaviour and building successful brands.

Paul Murray
Senior Business Director
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Whether working client-side or as a consultant, I’ve always enjoyed helping organisations and the people within them succeed. Over the past fifteen years I’ve worked across areas such as corporate strategy, marketing strategy and customer experience, with local, national and international organisations. Throughout this time I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of clients on a repeat basis, something I love doing as it gives me the chance to see the outcomes of what I do and to make a more lasting impact.
My free time revolves around family and sport, particularly watching my kids play sport. This even inspired me to get off the armchair and make a rugby come back... but I learned my lesson very quickly!
Julie Beeck
Executive Director
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With a career spanning 25 years, I still get a buzz from delivering insightful outputs and maintaining close working relationships with clients. I aim to bring a strategic and commercial approach to every project with a clear focus on the outcomes that support decision-making.

These days, my passion for understanding people and business is not only exercised through my work, but also by travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures, often by boat, bicycle or on foot!
Marquis Pohla
Founder and Managing Director
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I draw a lot of my inspiration from legendary basketballer Michael Jordan. Like Mike, I am committed to continuously learning to stay at the top of my game. It is what has helped me identify growth opportunities for my many clients, and to grow Metrix from a home based consultancy to a Fast 100 business.

I am a big believer in giving back. I take great pleasure in giving young people opportunities and to help them develop their skills from the ground up. I also enjoy sharing my expertise in strategic marketing with the business community, most recently with WPO.
Linda Tagni
Business Director
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After a short stint in finance I landed a role as a research analyst in market research. Almost twenty years later I still work in the industry and still love what I do! I have been fortunate to meet and work with so many inspiring people and a fantastic list of clients. The industry has changed a lot in this time and the business challenges clients face have become much more complex. It definitely keeps work interesting!

Away from work I love nothing better than spending time with family and friends, particularly when there's travelling, camping or cycling involved.
Darren Olliffe
Senior Business Director
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I am most passionate about helping businesses grow great brands, and understanding people. My career has led me all sorts of places including Market Research, Brand and Advertising consultancy, CX, Data and most recently, Metrix – although my best career move was the one from the UK to Sydney! I’m also a natural problem solver and love getting my teeth into a difficult issue and designing the best outcomes for the client.

Outside of work, it’s mostly sports, reading or exploring Sydney with my family – unless I can get on a plane! I love to visit new places and I would definitely say I have the travel bug.
Sean McConville
Senior Business Director
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After almost 20 years with research and strategy companies, I spent time managing insights and pricing at one of the biggest wine companies in the world and developed a healthy love of big red wines. I'm back in the research and strategy world now and love solving business problems, like making communications more targeted, focusing our clients on the customer, and breaking down barriers for purchase.
When outside the office, I tend to switch to even bigger problems, by helping my kids jump life's hurdles, deciding whether to check, raise or fold when playing poker, or driving hard to the basket when playing basketball.
Stephen Gilmour
Client Services Director
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My story begins in the dim and distant past - the 80's to be exact. After a short-stint as an Assistant Bank Manager in London, an inquisitive nature and a desire to better understand the plight of the downtrodden customer drove me to a role in research. 25 years later and I'm still working in research. In 2016, itchy feet and the desire to 'do things differently' led me from Sydney to Perth and to Metrix.

I am a big fan of the outback and jump at every opportunity to explore it.
Samantha Elmslie
Senior Account Manager
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I see myself as a 'Corporate Designer'. It may sound incredible that my training in fashion design led me to the field of business intelligence. I loved understanding how the pieces of a pattern fitted intricately together to inform the direction of a garment. This appreciation of problem solving brought me into the world of research. I blend a unique set of skills acquired through degrees in Design and Marketing, to help solve business challenges and contribute to clients' success.

I spend a lot of my time off on my yoga mat. On weekends I love exploring local markets and soaking up some arts and culture (as well as Netflix!).
Emily Sands
Office Assistant
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I have always had an interest in marketing and I studied International Fashion Marketing. After graduating with a first class degree I worked for a clothing company in Manchester as a Merchandise Admin Assistant. My itchy feet brought me to Thailand and Australia, and after exploring the east coast I settled in Perth and haven't looked back since!

I've had a number of administrative roles in a wide range of industries. Metrix provides the variety I crave while being in a support role in a passionate and friendly environment.

When not at Metrix, you can find me at the beach or catching up with friends over breakfast.
Triya Mardijono
Online Research Manager
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I began my career in an Indonesian distribution company, responsible for optimising product distribution, and sales and marketing strategies. I later discovered my passion for data collection and analysis and over the past ten years I have developed an impressive knowledge base in data preparation, integration techniques and analytics. Over the years, I have really enjoyed the challenges associated with working across all research fieldwork methodologies, both from a technical and project management point of view. I get satisfaction from using data to contribute to a client's success.

When away from work, I like to spend my time with family and friends, cycling or playing ping pong.
Imogen Roberts
Senior Account Manager
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I joined Metrix after completing a Masters in Marketing at UWA. I am always given opportunities to develop new skills and further my learning which keeps me engaged and excited at work every day. I have grown with Metrix and gained vital skills through exposure to a wide range of clients and methodologies. I deliver insightful research results and helpful recommendations. I won the Best Presenter award at the 2015 AMSRS WA conference.

When away from work, I like to swap my researching and presenting hats for a good book, some chocolate and a glass of red.
Meredith Simpson
Senior Business Director
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With a career spanning strategic planning, brand strategy and strategic foresight, I have a passion for translating insights into strategies that drive business results. There's nothing I love more than getting my hands on a meaty problem and finding collaborative and creative ways to solve it. The best part of my job is seeing small changes in brand, marketing or business strategy making a measurable difference for an organisation.

In my spare time, I like to continue to problem solve over the latest craft beer release. I am particularly fond of the small brewers in Victoria and Western Australia and my favourite type of beer is porter – especially when it's a chocolate porter!
Kayla Surace
Senior Account Manager
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I believe that proper planning, a well thought out methodology and boatloads of energy are vital to great outcomes for clients. If research sits on a shelf gathering dust, then it is all meaningless. I ensure insights are easily understood and implemented. For me, it's not just about crunching numbers. I have a great talent for talking to people, which means I'm not only good at getting insights to clients, but also building successful working relationships.

When I'm not at Metrix, I am holidaying in Thailand or the Greek Islands or watching all the Harry Potter movies back to back.
Dan Jackson
Data Analytics Manager
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As a self-confessed stats nerd, I started off in the market research world as a Statistical Analyst more than ten years ago. I've spent half of my career with Synovate, and the other client-side at Crown Perth, as a Gaming Customer Analyst within the marketing team.

I jumped at the chance to work supply side once again and joined Metrix as Data Analytics Manager at the start of 2017. I really enjoy using data to tell stories and solve business problems for our clients.

I'm a massive Test cricket fan, and I enjoy fantasy sports like AFL Dream Team and Fantasy Premier League.
Tony Truong
Business Analyst
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My fascination with people started when I was a young boy living in my family’s two-story restaurant. I was always nosey as a kid and would sit on the corner table, looking to see what people were doing outside my shop window. As time went on, I started observing customers more closely; perpetually becoming more curious about their backstory and how they ended up eating at my restaurant. This passion to understand people, coupled with my appetite for hard work translated across my studies at Monash, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and began my journey in market research. As grandma used to always say to me – ‘Never shy away from hard work’.
During my time off, I enjoy playing video games. When I’m not gaming, I enjoy watching other people play games, or going to the gym.
Corvette Cross
Business Director
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I am driven by my passion to better understand consumers through observation. It is an approach I have applied in my professional experience - whether consulting, advertising and strategy while at The Brand Agency, or as the Head of Consumer Insights at Bankwest. I believe this is key to targeted marketing. My approach to solving business issues is collaborative. Client involvement is vital when a significant part of any solution needs to be evaluated from the business view.

My favourite collaborator is my daughter, who gives me a unique lens with which to view the world, and reminds me of the importance of continuously asking 'why'.
Jessica Parke
Business Analyst
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Growing up in regional WA, my curiosity for people and the world got the better of me and I found myself moving to the city to study a Bachelor of Commerce: International Business and Arts: Chinese at Curtin University. After recently graduating I’ve been lucky enough to hit the ground running at Metrix, where I’ve been able to combine my fascination of people and business within a fantastic team environment.

When I’m not at Metrix you can find me visiting family and friends or enjoying a glass of red whilst pursuing my love of travel. 
Jessica Crisp
Business Analyst
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Originally from Esperance (WA), I moved to Perth to study commerce at the University of Western Australia majoring in Marketing and Psychology, graduating with honours. Having researched emerging technologies and alternatives to ownership I took some time to travel and was fortunate to join Metrix Consulting in Perth with a role that combines my inquisitive nature and love for understanding what drives others.

When I’m not at Metrix you can find me baking something sweet or attempting to run it off playing a team sport of some kind.
Nicola Walker
Design Consultant
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Originally from New Zealand, I immigrated to Perth six years ago. I have a passion for storytelling through design, which is something I enjoy applying to the stories we tell through insights at Metrix. I have over 15 years’ experience working across advertising and design, including working with WA brands such as RAC, LWP Property Group and Homebuyers Centre, as well as national and international brands such as McDonald’s, SKY Television and Cadbury.
When not at work, I enjoy spending time with family, exploring new places and my love of photography and interior design. 
Shruti Rao-Doughty
Senior Business Analyst
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I have always been a curious person and keen to understand what drives human behaviour, which is why a career in market research was a natural fit for me. I love problem solving, crunching numbers, and applying analytical thinking to help businesses grow and build better relationships with consumers. I have completed both a Master of Advertising at RMIT and a Master of Communications at Victoria University, which led me to develop a strong interest in the role of ‘brand’, and I’ve enjoyed managing a number of brand tracking programs in recent years.
When I am not at work, I enjoy being surrounded by family, fur babies and friends. And I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan too!
Will Axten
Ethnographic Film maker
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As a science undergraduate I studied Anthropology and Psychology and enjoyed learning about human behaviour. I was also a ‘creative type’ and began my working life as a filmmaker and video producer, running a small communications agency. My passion for science and telling human stories drew me towards ethnographic research and video based reporting for several large agencies. One of my research clients eventually bought my business and I was hooked into the world of ethnography full time. For the last 20 years I have been producing consumer documentaries and digital deliverables for a wide variety of audiences.

I am also a practicing artist, producing multimedia artworks and musical pieces for exhibitions and events around Perth.

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