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Developing a roadmap for your marketing

You may have heard people say “marketing is just common sense”. While common sense is definitely required, there is a bit more to it than that. Without a well-defined marketing plan, you can’t make sense of the complicated communications and category landscape in a way that delivers value for your business.

Too often, businesses jump straight to thinking about marketing execution e.g. "I need a new website" or "let’s create a new product". If you do this without a strategic foundation based on insight, you can’t be confident that you are investing in the right activities that will deliver a return for your business.

As a purely strategic agency, we provide the objective, evidence-based point of view you need to know that you are investing your marketing dollars in the activities that will make the biggest difference. We also understand how to manage complex stakeholder dynamics, ensuring you end up with a plan that can be executed effectively across the business.

Developing a strategic marketing plan can seem overwhelming, but it involves three simple steps. We can help at every stage, with a focus on setting your business up to succeed.

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  1. Insight 2. Strategy 3. Execution
What you need

You need to understand your market, your competitors, your customer and your unique competencies if you are to gain competitive advantage.

You need to know that you are investing in the activities that are going to produce a return for your business.

You need your marketing plan to come to life in a way that makes an impact and delivers the returns you are after.

How we Help  We uncover the relevant insights about your market, competitor, customer and your business that will unlock new opportunities for growth.      

We create objective, output and channel-neutral marketing strategies that help you identify ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’, to deliver against your business’ growth objectives.

We can guide you through strategy implementation as required, including our ongoing marketing advisory service.

To find out if a strategic marketing plan could benefit your business, get in touch to book your free initial consultation today.

Outsource your marketing support

Regardless of how big or small your marketing budget is, every touch point you have with your current and potential clients is an opportunity for growth. This includes your logo, website, social media, PR, emails, events, presentations, brochures and paid advertising. For each of these touch points you need to decide who to target, how to reach them, what to say and how much to spend. This is something that requires ongoing consideration and optimisation.

We can partner with you to provide the ongoing marketing support you need, when you need it. From helping you decide where to focus your efforts for any given month, to managing creative and technical marketing partners on your behalf, your business can benefit from a wealth of marketing expertise and expertise, without having to take on the risk or overhead associated with hiring your own in-house senior marketer.

We can tailor a marketing advisory package to suit your needs, starting from as little as a three-month commitment with no ongoing lock-in contracts.

Get in touch to find out more about our marketing advisory service.

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