Identifying the optimal brand territory to drive growth

The Challenge

A sporting brand had successfully leveraged its heritage to build equity and sales in the topical rubs segment. However, with an evolving sporting landscape, new entrants were intensifying the competitive environment. There was a need to re-evaluate the optimal brand territory and reassess the role of each product in supporting the brand architecture moving forward. 

Multi-lens Approach

An online discussion board with consumers, combined with influencer interviews with trainers and professionals in the sports industry, helped to illuminate brand territory opportunities. We complemented this with an audit of the competitive landscape and a review of best practice case studies.

In addition to providing insight into brand territories, the research also provided a renewed understanding of how the product range aligned with different usage occasions, and identified gaps in packaging cues of existing products.


Following the research, we ran a planning workshop with the client to identify immediate actions to kick-start implementation. In this collaborative workshop, we used the research findings to determine how to align operations and current brand strategy with the optimal brand territory. The engagement led to the design and positioning of new products, and the creation of a supporting communications platform.

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