Building the tourism knowledge bank

Building the tourism knowledge bank teaser

Date published 08 Oct 2019

Building the tourism knowledge bank

An Australian tourism ‘knowledge bank‘ could well be providing answers to the tourism industry’s burning questions if a new project by our data experts takes off.

Metrix Consulting secured Federal Government funding to look at identifying, unlocking and integrating new data sources to better measure tourism and inform decision-makers.

Metrix founder Marquis Pohla said the project aimed to provide fresh insights into accommodation and visitors, with a view to building a national tourism knowledge base that is flexible enough to assimilate new data sources as they became available.

“We were delighted to receive a national Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) grant to assess the feasibility of building an Australian tourism knowledge base that answers key tourism questions,” Mr Pohla said.

“As part of the feasibility study we’ve identified data sources that can fill gaps in the existing data available to the tourism industry."

“We’ve incorporated sources that can provide insights into the newer disruptors in the market, such as those in the sharing economy, along with visitor insights incorporating data on actual spend and behaviour.”

Metrix was one of only four Australian businesses receiving a BRII grant this year to investigate ways intelligent data can be used to transform the delivery of tourism services.

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