Celebrating a decade of dedication: Imogen's remarkable journey at Metrix

Celebrating a decade of dedication: Imogen's remarkable journey at Metrix  teaser

Date published 30 Nov 2023

In the dynamic realm of market research, reaching a milestone is more than just a passage of time, it's a reflection of unwavering dedication and continuous growth. Associate Director Imogen Roberts, the longest-serving staff member at Metrix, celebrates an impressive 10 years with the company, marking a decade of invaluable contributions and commitment to excellence. 

Imogen's Metrix journey began in 2012, fresh from university with a Masters (in Marketing) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Over the years, she has evolved from a talented newcomer to a cornerstone of the Metrix team, witnessing and actively shaping the company's growth and success. 

Her impact goes beyond the confines of her role as a researcher. Imogen's deep understanding of diverse industries and her keen insight into research methodologies have been instrumental in shaping the excellence that defines Metrix's approach to client projects. 

Imogen's decade-long tenure is marked by her specialised expertise in crucial areas such as brand health tracking, concept development and evaluation, and stakeholder engagement research. Her contributions to milestone projects, including collaborations with Lotterywest and The University of Western Australia, highlight her ability to deliver insightful results and helpful recommendations, earning her the appreciation of clients and colleagues alike. 

Colleagues at Metrix attest to Imogen's exceptional qualities. One colleague says, 'Imogen delivers really engaging presentations with a focus on providing clear recommendations about how to proceed with campaigns.' Another emphasises, 'Imogen’s positive and can-do attitude is an inspiration to all.' 

Beyond accolades, Imogen serves as a role model of professionalism, organisational prowess, and a relentless commitment to delivering results. Her positive and can-do attitude inspires colleagues, and her passion for exploring new industries, brands, and issues reflects not just in her work but in the positive work culture she contributes to every day. 

As Metrix celebrates Imogen's 10-year milestone, it's more than acknowledging her time with the company; it's an expression of gratitude for the indelible mark she has left. Her dedication, professionalism, and continuous pursuit of excellence have made her an integral part of the Metrix family, and her contributions are not just valued but deeply appreciated. Here's to a decade of Imogen Roberts - a decade of growth, achievement, and setting the standard for research excellence at Metrix. 


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