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Insights Your Team Will Want to Remember  teaser

Date published 07 Jul 2020

Given the human attention span is now thought to be little more than 8 seconds, turning raw data into memorable takeaways has never been more critical.

How many times have you seen someone glance at their phone for the umpteenth time, or be distracted by the buzz of their smartwatch as it alerts them to their next appointment or warns they’re behind on the day’s fitness goal?

Faced with a constant barrage of distractions, diversions, and interruptions, it's little wonder our average attention span is reported to be marginally less than that of a goldfish.

On average, we humans can now manage to focus on a specific activity or subject for a measly 8.25 seconds before our thoughts go elsewhere. 

And the figure’s on a downward trajectory, falling from a mighty 12 seconds in 2000.

So, what does all this mean for your intelligence-gathering project?

At Metrix, we know it’s important to cut to the chase when presenting research findings. Businesses need reliable insights that are instantly engaging and informative, as well as being relevant to their future growth.

The numbers are crucial, but as a business leader, you rarely have the time to decode, decipher, and analyse data before turning it into actionable insights and strategies. That’s our job. It's also where a story-based approach can shine.

When talking about market research, you'll often hear people say, 'tell the story'.

And make it short and snappy, too.

While each market research project generates its own set of supporting data and detail, story-telling is a valuable tool to help turn research into snappy, at-a-glance insights.

These user-friendly takeaways are compelling and relevant and can be readily shared with stakeholders, from the CEO and management team to frontline staff and support teams.

A story-based approach should also provide context, distilling data down into digestible core statements supported by big-picture intelligence.

Our COVID-19 Pulse of WA tracking survey which kicked-off in mid-April is a great example. Each week we invest significant time figuring out the story of coronavirus and its impact on Western Australia before presenting it in an engaging, bite-size format. We’ve used video, infographics and dashboards as tools to communicate with impact.

There's a skill in telling the story effectively and memorably without losing the essence of the research that has been commissioned. Using a diverse suite of tools, our team of experts at Metrix can apply a story-based approach for any project. Let’s be honest, no one wants to read a 100+ page report if they don’t have to.

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