Metrix Consulting's Biometrics event

Metrix Consulting's Biometrics event teaser

Date published 10 Sep 2022

Marketing in today’s world is a game of seconds, so we were especially delighted to host our inaugural biometrics round table recently to help businesses really make those seconds count.

Conscious that brands today often only have only a fleeting moment to connect with their customers, representatives from a wide range of Perth companies and organisations joined us over breakfast to gain a better understanding of how biometrics can help them predict the effectiveness of their marketing assets, such as advertising campaigns and digital experiences.

Huge thanks to all those involved, including Owen Davies, Chief Marketing Officer – The University of Western Australia, and Glenn Jamieson, Director, Analysis and Monitoring at Lotterywest, who shared their experiences of using biometrics. Both have harnessed the power of biometric technology as a marketing tool to help understand the 90% of decision-making that happens at a subconscious level, in the blink of an eye.

Please contact us to register your interest in our next biometrics round table.


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