Metrix looks into Perth's Rubbish

Metrix looks into Perth's Rubbish  teaser

Date published 06 May 2020

Market intelligence firm Metrix Consulting has been delving into the waste management and recycling habits of Perth homeowners to help shape better waste management strategies for the future.

The work is part of a growing portfolio of waste management projects for the Perth-based business, which has been forming a big-picture view of the challenges and opportunities associated with WA’s household refuse.

Linda Tagni, Business Director at Metrix Consulting, said the company had provided invaluable insights across a number of waste management projects, for both State and local government.

 “A lot of the work has been around informing and evaluating government policy and campaigns where the focus has been on delivering a long-term positive change in behaviour. For example, how we use our kerbside bins and how we have changed our behaviour since the introduction of the lightweight plastic bag ban.” Ms Tagni said.

“We have also helped clients to identify the key messages and communications needed to positively influence the community’s waste management behaviours.”

Video proved to be a particularly useful tool for one of the projects, helping to not only capture information and data, but also present it in a user-friendly format.

Metrix, which employs an in-house videographer, was engaged to research the challenges associated with implementing a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bin system for people living in units and apartments.

“Having a third bin can be quite challenging for people living in multi-unit buildings because they’re restricted in terms of space to store them,” Ms Tagni said. “They also tend to be smaller households so they’re not generating as much waste. Our research looked at how a three-bin system could work.”

Metrix’s multi-lens approach to the FOGO research included in-home video diaries to capture the challenges and bring the feedback to life, along with focus groups and stakeholder interviews.

“Clients are often time poor, so video is a good way to really engage and get messages across very quickly, in a format that can be widely circulated. In most cases, it is used as a supplement to the main report, which we still supply for those who want the detail.” Ms Tagni said.

Metrix has been steadily building a strong profile in the waste management arena, developing a good understanding of what local and State Government are setting out to achieve as well as what the current picture is. 

“As a business it is something we are passionate about.  We are proud to be involved in shaping WA’s waste management future and contributing to the range of environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits that improved waste management can deliver.” Ms Tagni said.

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