Developing a communications strategy for customer acquisition

The Challenge

A leading supermarket brand had recently launched into three highly competitive markets - insurance, banking and telecommunications. The client had partnered with an advertising agency to develop marketing communications, but lacked clear insight on how people shop for and make decisions about these services. There was a need to uncover the foundational consumer insights that could be used to drive more effective advertising.

Multi-lens Approach

Based on an understanding that ‘you can’t measure what you don’t know’, we began the research process with a hypothesis building workshop with the client. The resultant hypotheses were the foundation of both the qualitative discussion guide and quantitative questionnaire.

We then conducted a series of in-depth interviews with a range of buyers (e.g. first time purchasers, recent switchers) to understand the customer journey, and we quantified these findings through an online survey. For each product type, the research identified key trigger moments and consumer information needs across the different channels, at different stages of the customer journey.


The findings of the research were used to create a comprehensive messaging matrix that would inform campaign development. The brand tracker was also updated to reflect the findings, to ensure that ongoing tracking provides more relevant, insightful and actionable results.

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